My main interests lie in human behavior, cognition, psychedelics, neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Through a psychological lens, I try to reveal how they relate to society, politics and mental health. I try to use science, to solve problems.

With the ever increasing influence of data-driven systems on our societies, I want to understand the ethical and societal implications of new upcoming technologies such as artificial intelligence, applied neuroscience, computational biology and robotics.  It is of crucial importance to monitor what the actual impact of these new technologies are, so we can use them for the better, and not the worse

  • Is technology making us more human, more clever, or more dumb and hive-like?
  • How will humanity cope with wide spread automation and possible sentient artificial intelligence?
  • Are we killing human imagination and attention by giving every 8 year old an addictive smartphone?
  • How do we fight search engine and social network based information bubbles?
  • Can we use psychedelics as an antidepressant instead of conventional medication?
  • How do we use games and gamification to make people more instead of less productive and healthy?

The human psyche is the battleground of 21st century cognitive capitalism. To survive it, we need to ask ourselves these and other philosophical and scientific questions that deserve critical answers, as they are often shoved under the table by tech-utopians making a buck while possibly undermining our psychological health.

Besides these interests,  I love thinking and writing about the brain, (altered states of) consciousness, free will, mental disorder, religion, history and politics.