Welcome to my blog.

Here, I think out loud.

I am a graudate of the Artificial Intelligence 2-year Research Master track at the Free University of Amsterdam (VU),  where I specialized in Cognitive Science. For my master thesis, I have used cognitive modelling to understand the process of political polarisation. In 2014 I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the VU, specializing in Clinical Psychology.

Besides thinking, and writing, I am most interested in working on projects on the intersection of science, society, technology and (mental) health. Currently, I am working as Business Manager for a neurorehabilitation startup called NeuroReality. We use virtual reality and gamification principles to make brain training software that will help patients with cognitive deficits, whilst having fun!

To get into contact with me for (writing) jobs please contact me at rubenboyd@protonmail.com.


Ruben Boyd



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